In Like A Lion

It starts as a whisper and builds slowly into a roar.

In Like a Lion is a true trio of the NorthWest. Those who have experienced this particular tapestry of guitar, cello, and viola may have described it as a gentle maelstrom that swirls, twirls, and takes you away. 

Clint McCune was born and raised in the northwest and, after a past life as a traveling troubadour, sailor, and singer on Mount Everest, came back home. His guitar, booming voice, and charismatic command have served him well with the community on the Eastside as he promotes artistry and expression in all of its forms. You may even overhear him saying, “Pick your road and we’ll all meet at the light.”

Betsy Tinney is a classically trained cellist that will surprise you with her wit and story-telling abilities. As an award-winning folk artist, her composition and improvisation skills are hard to match. Betsy will carry you away to worlds of fairies, whales, and alligators with the stroke of her bow. Just don’t ask her about the elephant in the room.

Angelika Wuerzner originated as a viola player, however, has often been referred to as a “nearly psychic fiddle player.” Described as musically promiscuous, she will also rise to the challenge of improvisation and weave the threads of unspoken melodies into songs you thought you already knew.

Together this trio creates a unique chemistry of sound and energy that will lift you up and transport you to an undiscovered realm of thought, feeling, and perception that has the ability to change the way you experience music. 
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Clint McCune Band

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Recorded and mixed at Wild Pine Studios Featuring Clint McCune on guitar, vocal, djembe Betsy Tinney on cello and vocals Angelika Wuerzner on viola and vocals

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  1. 1 Follow The Sun 05:55
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  2. 2 I am Alive 04:43
  3. 3 Danse Caribe 05:24
  4. 4 Persephone's Champagne 02:52
  5. 5 Drifted 04:26
  6. 6 Wasn't Born To Follow 03:42
  7. 7 Sailor 03:22
  8. 8 Reverie 03:17
  9. 9 Exploring A Patch of Sun 03:15
  10. 10 Let The Light In 05:46


Clint McCune

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Motherless Child

Betsy Tinney


A Song for Oso

Angelika Wuerzner