One Hour Lesson Gift Certificate
  • One Hour Lesson Gift Certificate

One Hour Lesson Gift Certificate

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This gift certificate is for 1 one hour lesson.

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I was born to be a musician. Luckily, I was born into a family where music was a language that was as important as saying 'please' and 'thank you'. 

Music has always opened up the door to my experience in the world. My childhood family band inspired me to join school band, which led to the orchestra, jazz band, youth symphony and eventually a scholarship to the Berkley School of Music. However, I chose to go to school at the University of Evansville to pursue acting and hone in my performance skills. 

After playing in my Seattle based band when the music scene exploded, I lept into a new adventure. I toured the eastern seaboard with my sister Grace McCune, going port to port creating music with local musicians. When I landed back on the west coast, I opened a music venue and continued playing in different collaborations. Eventually, I started working with corporations and provided different team-building experiences by playing music together. 

What I have found through all of my experience is this; when people feel called to an instrument, they may or may not know why, however, there is an important connection there waiting to be explored.

Learning technique is important, but fostering the relationship that makes people want to invest the time, energy and heart into learning an instrument is often the hardest part.  That is what I excel at; creating a foundational, safe and supportive environment for people to make that connection with an instrument.

    I look forward to playing with you.

    Lessons are based out of Grace Notes Studio in Eastsound, WA.


    I work with all ages of musicians and also have experience working with people who might not always fit into "traditional" lesson situations.


    My rates are 

    $30 per half hour

    $50 per hour

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